Amla Powder

Amla Powder is also known by its Botanical Name: EMBLICA OFFICINALIS

Amla is also known as ‘INDIAN GOOSEBERRY’, amla is the name given to a small leaf tree which grows through out India and bears an edible fruit. Amla is like a lemon in size and appears to be light green in colour. It is highly prized both for its high vitamin C content and for the precious oil extracted from its seeds and pulp and also for its high tannin content that serves as a medium for fixing dyes. Amla possesses great medicinal values and its uses are innumerable .

Amla powder works as treatment for hair and scalp problems . It is used in eye syndromes, hair loss, children ailments, general vitality tonics, premature graying etc. Amla powder or the amla products are generally suggested to all for healthy beautiful being. Amla mixed with henna, shikakai powder, tulsi and other herbs can be applied to hair in paste form as it dyes and beautifies hair.


Shikakai Powder


Shikakai is a small shrub like tree that grows in warm, dry plains of central India. This shrub bears small pod like fruit which since ages people have used to clean their hair. It not only works as a best cleanser for hair by removing oil and dirt but also promotes hair growth, prevent dandruff and removes lice thus giving a lusturous, healthy look to hair. Shikakai powder has a naturally low PH, is mild & also acts a detangler. Hence this herb is often called the world’s original PH balanced shampoo.When mixed with henna, it can be applied to hair for that extra colour and sheen.


Reetha Powder

As the name itself suggests Reetha or Soapnut powder is used as a natural hair and body cleanser. Reetha Powder works as a great face body & hair exfoliant. Till this day people who avoid using chemicals or shampoos have a habit of using reetha as a natural cleanser.

Uses of Soapnut Powder

Use 1 part reetha powder and 6 parts water , soak it for two hours then use it. Use it on hairs to kill the lices. This can also be used to clean the jewellery .The main use is in the herbal shampoos.


Multani Mitti


Multani mitti makes an excellent cleansing mask, and possesses highly absorbent qualities. It is rich in minerals and when applied to the skin in the form of a paste, it helps improve circulation. It is hence one of the earliest substances to be used  as a beauty mash to remove oil and dirt from the shine as it is highly absorbent, we do not recommend this to dry skin. Apart from this, multani mitti works as natural moisturizer for hair, healing thing for arthritis pain, strengthens fingernails, teeth, gums, removes blemish & acne marks, reduces sunburn, and even for pain out of burn and bee stings.




In India, neem is often called “ SARVA ROGA NIVARINI” that means the curer of all ailments Neem acts as a wonder drug since ages for restoring health as well as to enhance beauty. It is a multi purpose herb that can be used as a medicine , as a pack, as a paste, and hundreds of other uses.

Some of the renowned benefits of neem are:

Effective in skin infection, rashes, pimples, immunity booster, anti diabetic, anti viral, dispels intestinal worms and parasites, malaria, piles, hair disorders and oral disorders.


Brahmi Powder

BOTANICAL NAME : Bacopa Monnieri

​Brahmi is a natural creeper found growing in marshy lands. Its name is also associated with Saraswati the Goddess of wisdom because it is one of best nervine tonic for rejuvenating the mind. Brahmi is traditionally used in India as a natural memory enhancing herb. Brahmi helps to enhance the coordination thus helps in improving short term as well as long term memory.
By using Brahmi regularly it improves confidence, intelligence and also brings about mental clarity in the individual. Brahmi enhances the memory naturally without any side effects.


Indigo Henna Powder

  • 100% herbal.
  • Made from fresh crop.
  • An excellent all natural hair colorant that gives a rich blackish blue colour.
  • Also gives a natural brown colour to the hair If it used in combination with Sanjeevani Natural Henna Powder.
  • Acts as a great conditioning agent.
  • Helps to enhance hair growth.

Ingredients: 100% Indigo leaf powder.


Eack pack contains 4pouches of 25gms each.



Herbal Brown Henna Powder (Hair Colour)

100% Natural Hair colour made from all organic ingredients.This product is a boon for people allergic to chemical Hair colours.

Sanjeevani herbal hair color is a special formulation made with a combination of all natural ingredients. This is the safest all natural product to colour your hair. And apart from colouring it also keeps the scalp healthy and strengthens the hair.

Each Box contains 4Pouches of 25gm each (100gm)