To bring a revolution in the hair color industry, and for the people who prefer natural hair color products instead of chemical we have introduced a range of herbal hair colors that is purely natural.

Herbal Brown


Henna powder, Amla, Shikakai, walnut powder,neem powder,methi powder, Indigo Fera Tinctoria.


Herbal Indigo (Blue)


Indigo Fera Tinctoria.


Natural Orange


Henna powder.


Herbal Brown

Sanjeevani Herbal Brown is a pioneer product specially created to give a dark brown colour to the hair naturally. This special formulation is a perfect combination of natural colorants like Henna and Indigo along with the herbal extract of useful herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai, Bhringraj etc. Hence, our Herbal Brown hair colour is :

A 100% chemical free hair colour with herbal & ingredients has herbal extracts of Henna, Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai & Bhringraj etc. Conditions the hair, adding thickness body and shine conceals grey hair effectively Promotes healthy hair growth.

How to use : Soak Sanjeevani Herbal Brown powder hair colour in lukewarm water to make a paste. For best results you may use tea water. Apply the paste to clean hair from root to tip evenly. Leave on for 45 minutes. Rinse well. The colour keeps getting darker till the next day.

Indigo Henna Powder

100% herbal.
Made from fresh crop.
An excellent all natural hair colorant that gives a rich blackish blue colour.
Also gives a natural brown colour to the hair If used in combination with Sanjeevani Natural Henna Powder.
Acts as a great conditioning agent.
Helps to enhance hair growth.

How to use:

  1. In a bowl mix Sanjeevani Indigo Powder with warm tea/coffee water. Make a smooth paste. Apply to prewashed clean hair. Leave for 30-45 min. Rinse hair well.
  2. For brown color effect-mix Sanjeevani indigo powder and Sanjeevani natural henna powder (preferable in the ratio of 2:1). Make a smooth paste by adding tea/coffee water. Apply to prewashed clean hair. Leave for 30-45 min. Rinse hair well.
  3. Being an all natural colorant this product gives best colour result in next 12-24 hours after washing the hair.

Ingredients: 100% Indigo leaf powder.

Eack pack contains 4pouches of 25gms each.


BOTANICAL NAME –  LAWSONIA  INERMIS.Natural Henna Powder is made of the dried leaves of henna plant. Henna plant is an 8-10 feet tall shrub with white and yellow. sweet smelling flowers. it is widely cultivated in Egypt, India, Kurdistan, Persia & Syria. Henna has innumerable uses as a beauty product and as a medicinal product. Natural henna is a completely natural and organic substance made out of dried henna leaves. Since ages, It is used extensively on hair for reddish orange color and its revilalising properties add a layer of gloss over each strand making hair soft, silky & lustrous hence henna is well known for its natural values, coloring effect, cooling effect pleasant fragrance and conditioning propertiesSanjeevani Natural henna  can be used on the hair, palm and feet as well.

INGREDIENTS: Natural henna powder 100%