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    Hair Serum Walnut, Almond Oil & Vitamin E – 100ml


    Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum, grease-free, lightweight formula, for free-flowing beautiful locks, for dry, flyaway, unmanageable, frizzy hair.

    Color grace hair serum that adds shine, hydration, and manageability. It softens and nourishes hair fibers so they feel smoother, silkier, and more manageable to the touch.

    After using a shampoo and conditioner, apply. To liquefy this anti-frizz hair product, rub 3–4 drops between your palms. Use lengths after that.

    With Rare dry fruits Oils, including Almond Oil, Walnut Oil, Vitamin E, lihgt liquid paraffin oil. this product nourishes hair for a glossy shine and prevents flyaways. Protection from heat up to 230°C

    Suitable for all hair types: Color Grace Serum will give your hair the salon finish it deserves, regardless of how you want to maintain your hair. No Sulfates

    Partner in Hairstyling: To prevent damage to your hair when creating a hairdo, apply Color Grace Serum to your hair. After creating the hairdo, use a small amount of Color Grace Serum to control flyaways.

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