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Hair Bleach Golden blonde Hair Color Kit Bleach Powder 15g with 30 vol. Devloper


WHAT’S IN THIS BLONDOR KIT – 1 pair of gloves, 1 60ml developer, 1 Pouch 15g of powder, 1 Hair coloring brush, 1 Storage box, 1 leaflet

SHINY HAIR COLOUR – Color Grace Blondor Hair Colour helps in adding a shiny touch to your hair The hair colour spreads evenly throughout your hair which provides gorgeous shine to your hair

LOOKING FOR PERFECT HAIR COLOUR SOLUTIONS? With Color Grace Blonde Hair Colour, get yourself the confident look and a passion to create something new.

HOW TO USE – Put on your gloves, then combine the powder and developer in a plastic or glass bowl in a ratio of around 1:4 to create a smooth paste that will be enough for your hair. Using a hair coloring brush, apply the mixture to your dry, washed hair, beginning at the roots. and leave it for 40 min after that rinse your hair untill water runs clear.

BEAUTIFULL RESULT AND GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – After rinse Enjoy your all new fashionble look.

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Color Grace Blonde hair goes beyond being a mere aesthetic choice; it embodies a spectrum of benefits that extend beyond appearance. The light hue reflects more sunlight, providing a natural source of vitamin D synthesis and promoting overall well-being. Blonde hair is also associated with a youthful and vibrant aura, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, blonde shades often require less maintenance, allowing for a more relaxed hair care routine. The versatility of blonde tones enables individuals to experiment with various styles and trends, showcasing personal expression. Embracing blonde hair isn’t just a style statement; it’s a pathway to a sun-kissed, carefree, and effortlessly chic lifestyle.

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