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Shikakai Powder Pure and Natural for Hair Cleanser | 100% Natural


100% organic, pure and natural Shikakai powder for hair care.

NO CHEMICAL, NO PRESERVATIVE: The powder is free from any preservative, chemicals, or added color or fragrance.

NATURAL CLEANSER: shikakai has been used for ages to cleanse the hair and scalp naturally without any chemicals. It is effective in cleansing oil from your hair and scalp.

NATURAL CONDITIONER: The mixed powder strengthens and conditions the hair. Regular use of powder controls hair damage and prevents hair from breakage resulting in long and strong hair.

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The powder is suitable for all hair types. It is highly effective in controlling hair fall, making hair stronger, longer, and shiny.

SUITABLE FOR BOTH MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN: The powder can be used by men, women, and children easily.

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“Elevate your hair care routine with our pure Shikakai Powder. Harvested from the Acacia concinna plant, this natural gem is a traditional Ayurvedic solution for clean, strong, and lustrous hair. Gently cleansing without stripping natural oils, Shikakai Powder nourishes and promotes healthy hair growth. Discover the age-old secret to vibrant, beautiful hair.”

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 9 mm


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