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Sanjeevani Natural Herbal Henna Powder

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  • The stupendous array of herbal brown hair color proffers chunky chocolate highlights to your hair to your grey
  • Enriched with fewer chemicals and more organic additives like Jatamunsi, Methi, Neem, Gambhari, making it
    favorable to your hair texture.
  • Available in 50gm and 100gm packs.


Start by putting the necessary quantity of Sanjeevani Natural Henna powder (Mehandi powder) into a basin. Once you have a thick, homogeneous consistency, gradually add water and thoroughly combine. Allow the paste to sit for many hours or perhaps overnight. Using a brush, evenly distribute the henna paste throughout your hair. For 1-2 hours, let the paste sit on your hair. Utilize ordinary water to rinse your hair. After rinsing, do not use shampoo right away as this could alter the color. A safe and natural option for hair colorant and dye, freshly made Sanjeevani Natural Herbal Henna Powder (Mehandi Powder/Mardhani Podi) allows you to achieve amazing hair color. Natural hair dye supports stronger hair shafts. Invest in henna powder to strengthen your hair organically and get stronger, shinier hair. It assists in conditioning hair. its 100% Oraganic henna powder. therefore softer and safer for hair. It is appropriate for all types of hair. Due to its natural origins and ability to lessen the environmental impact of chemical hair dyes, choosing henna powder as a herbal hair color option supports a more sustainable way of life.

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2 reviews for Sanjeevani Natural Herbal Henna Powder

  1. Pradeep Kaurvanshi

    Awesome products, you can see result in first use..It’s an excellent product to be honest … At first I was not sure if it would work well just like other products but it really reached my expectations!!! It made my hair really glossy , shiny as well as dark and natural looking ! There was no hairfall for me ! I know there are different type of skins as well as different hair moisture … but I’m pretty sure it works well on almost every type ! Thank you for the amazing product Sanjeevani Natural.

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