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Sanjeevani Natural Hair Color Creme Kit Brown For Women & Men


It works in threee ways either lightens, darkness or in maintain existing (original) hair colour. Sanjeevani hair color creme is a unique non-drop cream formula and is enriched with extra protein to make your hair healthy, soft and silky. Natural look and is available in various shades suitable for both men & women.

Although it is rare, still some people ay be allergic to hair colour so we suggest a sensitivity test at least 48 hours before the colouring session.

Developer and hair colour cream should be combined equally. To the area you just cleaned, apply the mixture. Apply it one or twice more and let it dry. Allow 48 hours to pass without washing. The developer bottles and colourant tubing should be promptly put back together after usage. Avoid using this product at this time if any allergy, itchiness, or reddening develops.

A strand test 40 hours prior to the colouring procedure is advised to preview the colour outcome. your hair, leaving a 1 cm stand, in a ponytail. Mix 1 teaspoon developer on a saucer. Put a tight cap on the contents. Apply the mixture firmly to the stand’s contents. Mixture should be applied to the stand we left outside. Let the strand find its own location. Rinse and dry after the colour development period to see the colour effect in advance.

To protect your clothing, put on the gloves and wrap a towel across your shoulders. The developer and colourant contents should be well combined. Use the combination on freshly cleaned and dry hair. apply to the roots after splitting the hair into thirds. then apply the remaining mixture to the hair’s length. Give it 30 minutes to develop. The colour begins to take shape gradually and will finish doing so after 30 minutes

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  • Spreads easily and gently covers all greys.
  • Available in a non-drip formulation that makes it easy to use.
  • Enriched with natural ingredients which strengthen hair roots making them strong and lusturous.

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Weight 140 g

BLACK, Brown, Burgundy, Cherry Red, Dark Brown


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