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Sanjeevani Herbal Based Brown Henna


Package Contains: 6 Pouch of Sanjeevani Natural Henna Based Hair Color Natural (10 grams each Pouch)

This henna hair colour gives natural black hair color for a longer period.

When you are prepared to use it, merely crack open the Sanjeevani Natural Black mehandi pack. Keep the Sanjeevani Natural Black mehandi packet out of direct sunlight, ideally in a dim area. Use within two years of the manufacturing date for optimal effects. Henna powder can have a brownish, black, or green hue to it. It should not be used to colour eyebrows or eyelashes because doing so could result in blindness. There are no therapeutic claims made by us at all.

Sanjeevani Natural Kali Mehandi’s effects last longer than those of other comparable products. It gives hair a natural colour and shine. It imparts a delicate, natural sheen. After being repackaged, the leftover powder can be utilised again. Everyone can utilise Sanjeevani natural kali mehandi, regardless of age.

How to use: Put 10 g of Sanjeevani Natural Hair Color powder in a bowl and add 30 ml of warm water. Stir to make a paste. Apply paste on hair with brush from roots to tips. Cover hair with shower cap and leave it for 30 min(it may require 50-60 min depending on your hair condition). Rinse off the paste thoroughly with water. Use conditioner post-wash to prevent tangies and hair breakage

Before using henna, hair should be thoroughly cleaned.

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Brown is the ‘new black’ today! If you already have naturally brown hair and you just want to highlight those natural shades of brown, then our offered brown henna powder is a perfect choice for you. Furthermore, if you wish to darken your light brown hair, our exotic brown henna powder should be on the top of your ‘hairdo’ list.

The far-flung array of brown henna powder is profoundly formulated with some vital chemicals which are FDA- approved and are mixed in a well-balanced ratio with natural ingredients such as Amla, Shikakai, and Kattha.

The incorporated herbal ingredients give you the best results with deep and natural brown color that further deepens with time. These constituents not only provide you with gorgeous brown tint that complements your face and complexion but also deeply nourish your hair roots, giving shiny and alluring brown hair.

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